"The Morning" (2000s) by Leonid Nikolaevich Vinogradov (1938-2021)

"The Morning" (2000s) by Leonid Nikolaevich Vinogradov (1938-2021)

"The Morning", 2000s, Oil on Canvas,  58x76.5cm, signed verso  by 

Vinogradov Leonid Nikolaevich (1938-2021)

Well-known  Ipressionist artist  who was active in the city of Kostroma. Merited Artist of Russia (1991). Graduated from the Kostroma Art Collecge named after Nicolas Shlein (1956-1961),  under tutelage of professor Alexey Belyh.  Leonid Vinogradov's art  is  cheerful and bright, intriguing and uplifting,   it's a pure feast of spiritual joy.  The artist loved to paint from nature, to work in the plein air.  Being  inspired by  the great masters of the Union of Russian Artists (1903-1923), by panoramic landscapes by Konstantin Yuon, and cheerful folk feasts and tradiotional funfairs by Boris Kustodiev) he developed his own unique style in painting merging landscape and topic  genres.   Member of the Uniuon of Russian Artists. Since 1968  participant of most major  exhibtions in the country.   Personal shows of Vinogradov's works  took place in his native Kostroma  (1975, 1978, 1988),  in Yaroslavl (1989),  in Tula (1990), in Moscow  at Interantional Art Fund (2010).  Vinogradov;s works are presented at the State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg,  The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow,  at Yaroslavl, Kostroma Tula State Art museums,  at the art museum of Novosibirsk  as well as in various private cillections in Russia and abroad (Great Britain, Gernany, Spain, Japan, China, United States).  https://youtu.be/Oy_BJKByMXI https://youtu.be/7OZJ8gKqwDQ


    A pure essence of summertime, a stunning painting with lilacs on the window sill that delivers a pleasure for the eyes. The painting is signed verso. This work is currently unframed, the virtual frame is shown here for reference only. Can be sold unframed or framed on request (additional charge).  Comes with the certificate of authenticity from Leonid Shishkin Gallery.


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