"By the Dam" (1955) by  Zoe Ottovna Rykhlova-Pravdina (1911-1980s)

"By the Dam" (1955) by Zoe Ottovna Rykhlova-Pravdina (1911-1980s)

"By the Dam", 1955, Oil on Canvas,  45.7x66.8. cm. Amazing plein air river scene with boys playing by the dam by  

Rykhlova-Pravdina Zoya Ottovna (1911-1980s)

Soviet painter, specialized in posters. A member of Artists’ Union of the USSR. She worked in the agitational art in the group with N. N. Vatolina, N. V. Denisov, V. G. Pravdin (1930s). The most famous Rykhlova-Pravdina’s posters: "Thank you comrade Stalin for a happy childhood!"(1938), "Glory to dear Stalin!"(1949, together with V. G. Pravdin). During the WWII collaborated with the publishing house "Art", created propaganda posters: "Youth, fight for the Motherland!", "Diary of corporal Hans Muller", "How did you help the front? Did you hand over the warm clothes and linen for the Red Army?"(all – 1941). After the war she made social and political posters: "Election day of local Councils of workers' deputies is a national holiday" (1947), "The flowers are good in spring in the garden" (1950), "Book, magazine and newspaper – for the socialist village!" (1950). Rykhlova-Pravdina’s tirage posters are stored in the collections of the Russian State Library (Moscow), the Scientific Library of the Russian Academy of Arts (Saint-Petersburg), the National Library of Belarus (Minsk), private collections in Russia, the UK, Ukraine and other countries.



    The painting is signed verso by I.Pravdin (1993) confirming that the painting is an authentic original work by Zoe Pravdina. It also bears the stamp of Russia's Ministry of Culture proving that the work was allowed to be exported from the country. This work is framed to a very high standard into an elegant wide dark  wooden frame . Size in frame 74x94 cm. Comes with the certificate of authenticity from Leonid Shishkin Gallery.


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