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Amazing early work by the famous Russian artist.

Pavel Aleksandrovich Radimov (1917–1996). Prominent Russian Artist.

Pavel Radimov was a Soviet poet  and painter, the last chairman of the Association of Itinerant Art Exhibitions and the first director of the Association of Revolutionary Russian Artists (AKHRR).
Radimov graduated from the Kazan University with the degree in Russian Language and Literartiure. At the same time he studied to be a painter and took classes with Nikolay Feshin as his teacher. Since 1908 he started to be exhibited as a painter. In 1912 he published his first book of poems “The Field Psalms” and in 1914 another one – “Popiada”. During 1914-1916 Radimov worked as a journalist for the newspaper “Sibirskaya Zhizn” and a magazine “Sibirsky Student”. After the revolution he taught at the Kazan Institute of Art and Industry.
Pavel Radimov took part in most major  exhibitions of soviet art both in the USSR and abroad as well as being a participant and initiator of the exhibitions in commemoration of the fifth and tenth anniversaries of the foundation of the Red Army. 
From the 1930s onwards the artist lived in the Novo-Abramtsevo town. In 1957 he opened in Abramtsevo an art exhibition “with the free admission for all those who love art”. in hos work the painter followed the tradition of Peredvizhniki (Itinerant artists) and preferred the landscape genre. After the revolution Radimov created series of landscapes depicting Bashkiria, Chuvashia, Mari Land, Central Asia as well as the midland of Russia and Moscow region.
The works by Pavel Radimov are preserved in the State Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum, Museum of Revolution, Museum of the Red Army, the Academy of Art Museum and many others. In 1933 a solo exhibition of the artist was held in Moscow.


"Memoirs of Childhood" (1923) by Pavel Aleksandrovich Radimov

  • This nostalgic work by the great Russian artist is framed simply and elegantly. Size in frame 19x26 cm.  The works comes with the certificate of authenticity from Leonid Shishkin Gallery.

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