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The Khanty Family. 1952. Oil on Board. 34x49 cm. Signed in Russian and dated "52" lower right.

A masterful genre work depicting a Khanty family (native people of Western Siberia) sitting by their traditional house by Alexandr Burak (1921–1997), one of the most famous Ural painters of the middle of the XX century. His epic paintings “Natural Ural”, “Stone belt”, “Ural…Ural…” are reasonably compared with the oeuvre of the artist A.K. Denisov-Uralsky and the writer D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak, whose creative work always were full of love and admiration of native land. He graduated from the architecture faculty of Novosibirsk institute of Civil engineering (1938–1943), at the same time he studied painting under the tutelage of Ivan Sliusarev. being a very fruitful artist he painted over 3000 pictures over his lifetime.  He was an Honoured Artist of Russia and a constant participant of art exhibitions in Russia and abroad (e.g. his solo exhibitions were held in Marco Datrino Gallery in Italy). His paintings are represented in the State Tretyakov Gallery and other Moscow and regional museums of Russia.

"Khanty Family" (1952) by Aleksander Filippovich Burak (1921-1977)

  • In 1950s and 1960s Alexander Burak was working over the series of portraits and genre works depicting life, customs and habits of Siberian natives. "The Khanty Family" is a part of  that series. Signed in Russain "A.Burak" a dated "52" at the lower right corner and has inscription with the title, dimesions and date verso. This is a masterful painting in excellent condition.  It's tastefully framed (size in a frame 92x68 cm) into a wooden frame. Comes with the certificate of authenticity from Leonid Shishkin Gallery.

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